Taking down previous posts.

I have decided to rethink the way in which I want to share with you the life of my son.  I initially thought I wanted to start when he was young, and cover some events in his life that I believe may have contributed to his mental illness, or may have been early signs of that mental illness. But after much reflection, I’ve decided that sharing details of those chapters of his life do nothing but rub salt in unhealed wounds of family members involved, not excluding myself.

I will begin writing here again, soon, but about Doug’s adult life and the many complexities of living  with in the mental health system.

I have kept the chapters that I’ve previously written and appreciate your comments on those chapters so much.  The recapping of those younger years will be written in a private venue until I later decide what, if anything, to do with them.

Thanks for your patience and for your continued reading.


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